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Our Story

When 25 year old John woke up to find half his face immobile, he knew it was time to make some serious life changes. The culprit for his condition was eating indulgently with no regard for his health. The sheer panic of his predicament led him to the discovery of raw food and drinks. Now fully cured after an overhaul in his diet and lifestyle, John is on a mission - to make raw, vegan and gluten free foods sexy and accessible to all.


Rawligion stands for products of the highest standard, products which make you feel great, and of course, products which taste amazing and awe. All our products are organic, dairy and gluten free, as well as vegan.

To this end, our chocolates are not only no exception, but they are the gold standard for the Rawligion brand. Just to give you an idea of the love and effort we apply to make just one rocher...

1 - we grind our own cacao, making our own chocolate, from the raw materials. This allows us to control the entire process, the temperature, the grinding time, the purity of the ingredients.

2 - we allow the chocolate to sit and age for a few weeks. It's nice to relax sometimes !

3 - this is now the base chocolate we use to create all of our products. Our own, home made chocolate.

4 - all the rochers contain a praline in the centre, which is a mixture of nut butter and chocolate. The chocolate as you know we make in house. The nut butter, is no different. We soak the nuts for hours, "activating" them, (drawing out the anti nutrient, phytic acid), followed by a 24 hour dehydration session. This completely changes the flavour profile of the nut as well as making it easier for the body to digest.

5 - we grind the nuts, to create our own nut butter!

6 - only now, do we start to make our wonderful, delightful, sinfully addictive rochers by mixing the chocolate, with our nut butters, followed by many nuanced steps to create what has become our signature chocolate, The Rochers!

We all really hope you don't just enjoy these rochers, but you fall deeply and madly in love with them.


John & the Team


John after 4 raw chocolate rochers!

Yes, eating 2 rochers a day will make you laugh this hard. Fact. ish.