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Raw what?

Rawligion is a small business promoting healthful products which taste amazing. We really truly use only the finest of ingredients, and hold ourselves to the highest standards in every way. That's why all our products are organic, vegan and refined sugar free, with a zero tolerance attitude to preservatives or chemicals. 

Rawligion Values

Hand Crafted

You hear that term a lot, but our chocolatier really does make each individual Rocher by hand (we frequently post little action videos). We use a combination of ancient and innovative techniques to ensure the highest quality and best tasting chocolate on the market.

Naturally Raw

The majority of our products follow raw food principles. This means nothing is boiled, steamed or cooked. These rules apply to all our chocolates, which is what gives them their rich flavour and healthy properties, so you don't just taste the difference, you feel it too!

Take me to Choc Heaven IMMEDIATELY!


To us, vegan doesn't just mean plant based (which we 100% are). It's also a mission to constantly source the highest quality ingredients, paying attention to the final product as well as environmental factors. The result are products we're proud to sell, that you can feel proud about eating.

Our chocolates are always on the guest list. Here are some of the companies who've nibbled on our rochers...

VEGAN              ORGANIC           RAW          HAND CRAFTED